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What Resources Does a Physician Have in Court?

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Physicians can find themselves caught in lawsuits that affect their ability to care for their patients by challenging laws they worked to have passed or dealing with licensing issues, staff privileges, and malpractice. Having to face these charges can be overwhelming, and it is good to know that in addition to experienced physician lawyers, the American Medical Association (AMA) can also be a helpful resource.

AMA’s Litigation Center

Back in 1995, the Litigation Center of the American Medical Association and State Medical Societies were created to offer physicians legal expertise and assistance. Since then, it has contributed to over 300 cases progressed through administrative agencies, courts, and other dispute-resolution bodies. An AMA Trustee stated that they have worked with a variety of cases, some with broad implications for patients and the entire medical profession and others that have set landmark legal precedents.

Cases focused on scope-of-practice, medial liability, staff privileges, payment issues, and peer reviews. Although there is no set list of criteria for taking on cases, the Litigation Center looks at the type of assistance requested, the case’s general interest to the medical community, all the parties involved, and the case’s merits and possibility for setting a precedent.

Services Provided

The Litigation Center will become involved in litigation that is important to the medical community, and they might contribute financial support or join in as party to a lawsuit. They seek out cases with broad scope and implications, but will also consider those with more limited impacts. Physicians and physician groups who have a meritorious legal position and are challenged by a major adversary with large resources may receive in-kind services, public recognition of support, and financial help. Since their inception, they have taken part in cases heard before 13 different state supreme courts.

The AMA’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel stated that it is essential for the nation’s courts to hear from the AMA in some cases. His organization provides a needed unified voice of physicians that supports issues that can impact the nation’s health. Established in 1847 in Philadelphia, the AMA’s goals include furthering scientific advancement, improving medical education standards, removing obstacles that hamper patient care, and addressing public health crises.

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