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Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers

The Gold Law Firm P.C. Offers Personalized Legal Services for Executives and Physicians in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York

The business of medicine has been evolving over the past decade, bringing with it a variety of legal issues and concerns for physicians, executives, health care providers and medical personnel. Federal and state laws have created a complicated web of legal requirements that impose significant restrictions and conditions on employers and employees within the health care industry. Navigating through the complex network of health care law is often overwhelming.

Sidney L. Gold, founder and shareholder of Philadelphia’s The Gold Law Firm P.C., recognizes the need for competent, reliable legal services for health care executives, physicians and providers. Sidney L. Gold is committed to handling each case personally, providing knowledgeable and experienced counsel and individual attention to all of his clients. With 35 years of experience in business, employment and health care law, Attorney Gold is the right one to turn to for sound legal advice and representation.

Personalized Legal Services Available for Executives, Physicians, Health Care Businesses and Medical Personnel

Philadelphia Health Care LawyersSidney L. Gold & Associates offers a wide variety of services to accommodate the legal needs of health care executives, physicians, businesses and personnel. He will work personally with his clients drafting, reviewing and negotiating physician employment and independent contractor agreements that include complex compensation packages, buy-ins, retirement benefits, disability benefits and restrictive covenants. It is imperative for both the employer and the prospective employee to carefully consider the provisions outlined in these agreements. Like a contract, once they are signed and negotiations end, it is difficult to change the terms of the agreement. Sidney L. Gold will personally ensure that these agreements are legally sound and just for his clients.

Physicians will benefit from Sidney L. Gold’s experience with Stark Law and Anti-Kickback laws. Compliance with these laws is essential to the physician’s career and business. Penalties for those who engage in exchanging money or expensive merchandise such as lavish hotels and pricey dinners for patient referrals, prescription medication, imaging services, supplies or services for Medicare and Medicaid patients face severe consequences. Doctors who are not in compliance with Stark laws face fines, jail sentences and being barred from involvement in Federal health care programs. Sidney L. Gold will protect physicians from these serious penalties by ensuring that they are in compliance with the law.

Other services offered by The Gold Law Firm P.C.  include representation in criminal and civil defense trials, employment law and defamation cases, as well as professional licensing matters for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, physician assistants and dental professionals. For physicians, physicians’ assistants, pharmacists, nurses and dentists facing legal issues, we will provide competent and skilled legal representation that protects their professional career and personal integrity. We will also represent those with board certification and credentialing issues, and medical residents who face the termination of their residency.

Legal Counsel, Representation, and Personal Attention from the Experienced Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers at The Gold Law Firm P.C.

Physicians, executives in the health care industry, medical personnel and businesses are constantly under fire by insurance companies, regulatory boards and the public, which require the services of an experienced and skilled lawyer to protect their professional careers and personal assets. Being able to rely on the expertise of Philadelphia health care attorney, Sidney L. Gold, for personalized and professional legal services can put the minds of these professionals at ease.

After spending years and thousands of dollars on education and practice to become a successful health care executive or physician, it’s important to protect that investment. We are committed to helping clients not only protect their career, but to build on it as well.

Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers at The Gold Law Firm P.C. Provide Executives, Physicians, and Medical Personnel with Personalized Legal Services

If you or someone you know is facing a legal issue in the health care field, contact Philadelphia health care lawyers at The Gold Law Firm P.C.  at 215-569-1999, or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. Our offices are located in center city Philadelphia, allowing us to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania including the communities of Bucks County, Chester County, Dauphin County, Berks County, Delaware County, Lackawanna County and Montgomery County. We also represent residents in South Jersey including but not limited to the areas of Atlantic County, Burlington County, Camden County and Salem County. 

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