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Sidney L. Gold & Associates Provide Legal Services for Physicians with Board Certification and Credentialing Issues

While a medical license essentially proves that a physician has successfully completed the necessary education, training and competency testing required to practice medicine, it’s no longer enough in order to become a successful practicing physician. In today’s business of medicine, a physician without a specific specialty area will have a great deal of difficulty finding employment.

Hospitals, medical practices, and health insurance companies want physicians that have a board certified competency in a specific area of medicine. The board certification is an accreditation that the physician is more than just someone qualified to practice medicine. Board certification shows that the physician voluntarily went beyond the minimum standards and gained knowledge, education and training to become a highly qualified physician in a specific branch of medicine. Doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists and podiatrists are all eligible to become board certified in specialties specific to their medical industry.

Board Certification Matters Best Left to Legal Professionals

Board certification in a specialty area is not required to practice medicine and is completely voluntary. Those who pursue this level of credential are required to continue education and training to keep the certification active and current. Self-reporting of the certification on credentialing submissions is also voluntary and done so at the discretion of the physician.

Physicians holding board certification must maintain a certain level of professionalism or they can face disciplinary action. If a patient or another health care professional files a complaint with the medical board, an investigation will follow. The offending physician can face serious consequences for inappropriate behavior or misconduct. Disciplinary actions for unprofessional conduct such as sexual misconduct or financial wrongdoing can be the end of a physician’s career or practice. Quality of care grievances relating to medical malpractice or non-compliance of board regulations can permanently discredit the physician’s competency and professional reputation. Abuse of pain management services or prescription medications can lead to investigations that result in criminal charges.

Penalties for these types of offenses can include fines or suspension, restriction or revocation of the physician’s board certification. In criminal cases, physicians can face incarceration as well. Medical board decisions can be appealed and a judicial hearing requested, but deadlines are swift and non-negotiable. It is always recommended that a physician facing a medical board for disciplinary issues seek the counsel and representation of a competent health care lawyer. Philadelphia health care attorney, Sidney L. Gold has over 35 years experience working in health care law and will personally ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the disciplinary process.

Philadelphia Physician Employment Attorneys are Committed to Helping Physicians and Medical Personnel with all of their Health Care Issues

Philadelphia physician attorney, Sidney L. Gold, is the founder and primary shareholder of Sidney L. Gold & Associates. For over three decades, his commitment to offering his personal attention and legal counsel to physicians facing board certification issues has made him a successful health care lawyer in the tri-state region of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. He dedicates himself to providing these medical professionals with high quality and reputable legal advice and representation.

Any physician, nurse, dentist, optometrist, pharmacist or podiatrist that is the subject of an investigation or disciplinary action by the medical board should consult with a competent health care lawyer. The risks of having board certification suspended, terminated or revoked are real and a qualified health care attorney can ensure that you are treated fairly and justly by all involved. With a medical career on the line, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel.

Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates Provide Experienced and Reliable Legal Services

If you are a doctor, nurse, optometrist, podiatrist, dentist or pharmacist facing an investigation or disciplinary action by the medical board, the experienced Philadelphia health care lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates can help. Our team of knowledgeable physician attorneys is committed to providing you with sound legal advice and representation to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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