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Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers

Personalized Legal Services for Physicians, Health Care Businesses and Medical Personnel

Philadelphia Health Care LawyersPhiladelphia health care lawyer, Sidney L. Gold, founder and shareholder of the Pennsylvania employment law firm of Sidney L. Gold & Associates provides physicians, pharmacists, dentists, medical personnel and health care businesses experienced and skilled legal counsel and representation. For over 35 years, Sidney L. Gold has successfully represented, counseled and litigated countless cases involving some of the toughest health care and employment law issues.

Health care laws are changing everyday, and physicians, executives and medical practices face tough penalties for non-compliance. Sidney L. Gold’s commitment to personally handling each client provides them with the best legal strategy available for a successful outcome. No legal matter is too small or too large. Attorney Gold has extensive experience in all areas of employment and healthcare law, and dedicates himself to keeping up with the pace of new laws and trends in the health care industry.

Counsel and Representation on Health Related Issues

Physician Employment Agreements: Sidney L. Gold offers his clients experienced and knowledgeable counsel and representation on a variety of health care issues. Physician employment agreements and independent contractor agreements are a specialized area of employment law and can significantly affect the future of a physician’s career if not carefully negotiated. We will help draft, review and negotiate these agreements to ensure that our client’s best interests and legal rights are protected.

Restrictive Covenants and Non-Compete Agreements: Stipulations in physician employment agreements can be tricky to negotiate. Employers can put restrictive covenants and non-compete restrictions on a physician that can wreak havoc on their future earning potential. The language in the agreement needs to be specific with its terms outlined in detail to protect the future employment opportunities and earning power of the physician. Sidney L. Gold’s individualized attention in negotiating a physician employment agreement can ensure that both employers and employees receive fair and just compensation with unlimited career opportunities in the future.

Benefits: Negotiating benefits in a physician employment agreement can have a lucrative or detrimental impact on the physician’s overall compensation package. Retirement plans, 401(k), profit sharing, stock options, disability provisions and vacation/sick day/personal time need to be reviewed carefully by an experienced attorney. So much of a physician’s earning potential is affected by contracts made with managed health care organizations. Sidney L. Gold’s experience in employment law and contract negotiations will be put to good use in this type of conciliation.

Compliance to Stark and Anti-Kickback Laws: The need for compliance to Stark Law and anti-kickback laws is crucial to a physician and medical based business as tough penalties are imposed with new federal laws. Hefty fines, prison sentences and even disbarment from federal health care programs such as Medicare and Medicaid can be imposed on those who accept kickbacks for patient referrals to imaging centers, prescribing certain medications or medical supply procurement. While accepting these “gifts” may seem like an innocent perk to being a physician, non-compliance to the Stark and Anti-Kickback laws could be the end to a physician’s career or medical business. Sidney L. Gold will ensure that his clients are in compliance with these laws.

Professional Licensing, Board Certification and Credentials: In the wake of recent fraudulent physician licenses and credentials, the American Medical Association (AMA) has imposed strict regulations and new laws involving licensure and certification. The requirements, deadlines and necessary paperwork can be extremely difficult to navigate, but Sidney L. Gold will personally make sure that his client’s license, certifications and all other credentials are in good standing, protecting both the physician’s career and business.

Legal Representation: When physicians need a lawyer to represent them or defend them in civil lawsuits brought against them, they need a skilled lawyer that knows the law, the strategies consistent with bringing suit against a physician, as well as a variety of legal maneuvers that will lead to a successful outcome. Sidney L. Gold’s 35 years as an employment and health care attorney qualifies him to be a part of the team. Physicians, physician assistants, dentists, nurses and other medical personnel can be disciplined, fined or jailed if they are not adequately represented by a competent attorney.

Termination of Medical Residency: After years of undergraduate studies and medical school, a budding physician will begin their medical residency. If academic success is not maintained, or if the resident has violated behavioral or legal expectations, their residency can be terminated. Sidney L. Gold represents those who are facing termination of residency.

Philadelphia Health Care Attorneys at Sidney L. Gold & Associates Offer Boutique Legal Services and Representation to Executives and Physicians

Philadelphia employment lawyer, Sidney L. Gold, of Sidney L. Gold & Associates offers individualized and personalized legal services to executives and physicians governed by health care laws. Call our offices today at 215-569-1999, or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation. Relying on the experienced services of Sidney L. Gold for all of your health care issues will ensure your legal rights and compliance with state and federal laws are intact. Our offices are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania allowing us to serve clients throughout the state of Pennsylvania including the communities of Bucks CountyChester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County. Also serving clients in  New Jersey and New York. 

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