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Sidney L. Gold & Associates Help Medical Practitioners Successfully Obtain their Licensure

Due to the increasing numbers of fraudulent medical practitioners and in response to the public’s outcry for protection against them, the laws and regulations for medical licensure have become an overwhelming task. Whether it be an application for an initial license or for an additional license in another jurisdiction, the job of obtaining licensure requires knowledge of evolving laws, deadlines and investigative processes. Philadelphia physician lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates have decades of experience with the application process, working with medical board personnel and in keeping applicants compliant throughout all steps in the licensing process, including the examinations and training requirement and fees for U.S. medical school graduates and international medical school graduates.

Sidney L. Gold is the founder of Philadelphia’s employment law firm of Sidney L. Gold & Associates. For over 35 years, Attorney Gold has built his practice to be one of the most leading employment and medical law firms in the region. He is committed to personally working with physicians and executives in the medical profession to ensure that all stages and requirements of licensure meet the rigorous standards and deadlines set forth by the licensing boards. Attorney Gold understands how important licensure is to medical practitioners and is dedicated to ensuring successful completion of the licensing process for his clients.

Expect Delays in the Licensure Process as Complex Investigations of Credentials and Past Practice become Commonplace

One of the most frustrating steps in the medical licensure process is the unavoidable delays that come from the routine investigations required by the medical boards. Due to the increase of fraudulent medical practitioners over the past 20 years, thorough investigation of the applicant’s credentials, practice history and compliance with licensure requirements is mandatory, and can significantly delay the licensure if the physician does not have their necessary paperwork and credentials up to date. Since different states and regions have varied requirements for licensure, it is wise to consult with counsel that is familiar with that area’s stipulations.

Sidney L. Gold works closely with his clients to ensure that they understand all that is required for licensure in the states of New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York. Proof of education and training, resumes and certification verifying completion of all three steps of the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) or the National Board of Medical Examiners and Federation Licensing Examination (FLEX) is an area that can cause significant delays if not prepared ahead of time. Physicians who completed their requirements through the FLEX program before USMLE was initiated in 1994 may be able to utilize a combination of their test results to meet the requirements set forth by USMLE.

Attorney Gold understands how important it is for his clients to have a realistic estimate of how much time the licensing process will take. Problems arise for clients when unexpected delays cause them to miss starting a new job when their license is still pending. Closing one practice to open another can be delayed, which causes monetary losses when a new office or practice cannot begin because of delays in the application or investigation stages of the licensing process. Hidden information can become another hurdle to licensing approval. Sidney L. Gold will help his clients deal with any derogatory information that must be included on the application for licensure, which when handled correctly, will not impede the licensing process or approval. Physicians that attempt to conceal derogatory information can cause extensive delays requiring further investigation and possible denial of licensure.

The average time that it takes from the application submission to obtaining a license is approximately 60 days. Sidney L. Gold’s experience working with medical boards will help his clients complete the licensing process quickly and efficiently. He appreciates the attention to detail that is required to fully investigate the applicant, and by providing the required information up front while working with administrators on the various medical boards involved in the process, the client can expect a successful outcome in the shortest time possible.

Medical Licensing Boards Focus on Protecting the Public while Philadelphia Physician Attorneys at Sidney L. Gold & Associates Protect the Legal Rights of Medical Practitioners

The medical boards in charge of licensure for physicians are primarily responsible for protecting the public from fraudulent or unqualified physicians. This doesn’t mean that the boards are against physicians, but it is their duty to fully investigate and confirm their education, practice, certifications and training to ensure that the public is entrusted to qualified and credentialed physicians. For this reason, enlisting the services of an experienced and knowledgeable physician employment lawyer will guarantee that the legal rights and best interests of the medical professional are protected.

When physicians and medical licensing administrators work together as a team, health care improves for everyone. Patients can rely on highly qualified and credentialed physicians, and physicians can obtain necessary licensing without undue stress and delays. Philadelphia physician attorney, Sidney L. Gold will personally handle the licensure process and any other legal issues that come up that can delay or threaten to negatively affect their clients’ licenses. His experience with health care law, the licensure process and in dealing with the medical boards that grant or deny licensure can be put to good use for those seeking their initial or subsequent licenses.

Philadelphia Physician Employment Attorneys at Sidney L. Gold & Associates Counsel and Represent Doctors, Health Care Executives and Medical Personnel

If you or someone you know is seeking medical licensure in New Jersey, Philadelphia or New York, the experienced and reputable Philadelphia physician attorneys at Sidney L. Gold & Associates can ease the overwhelming and often confusing problems that can complicate and significantly delay your licensure. Attorney Gold himself, founder and shareholder of Sidney L. Gold & Associates, will personally attend to your needs and ensure that your licensing process is successful and efficient. Call us at 215-569-1999 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. Our offices are conveniently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allowing us to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania including the communities of Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County, New Jersey and New York.

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