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Philadelphia Physician Employment Lawyers

Counseling and Defending Physicians and Medical Personnel in Discrimination, Libel, Slander and Defamation Suits

Today’s physicians face a multitude of legal challenges ranging from licensing and credentialing issues to discrimination, libel, slander and defamation claims. The stakes are high for those accused of these infractions. Job discrimination and false accusations or statements about a medical professional can have long term negative effects. The Philadelphia employment law firm of Sidney L. Gold & Associates is one of the area’s premier employment law firms in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Over the past 35 years, the experienced and competent health care employment lawyers at the firm have successfully handled countless cases involving employment law issues for doctors and medical personnel.

Physicians Accused of Discrimination Rely on the Legal Counsel and Representation of Sidney L. Gold & Associates

Employment discrimination cases involving medical personnel are often complicated legal matters that require the services of a competent and reliable employment lawyer. Disciplinary actions and legal consequences for physician’s accused of discrimination can have long lasting affects on the careers and future opportunities of these medical professionals. The experienced Philadelphia employment discrimination lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates work closely with physicians and their employees to ensure that they are compliant with anti-discrimination laws.

Anyone who refuses to hire or interview someone, or who treats an employee unfairly because of their age, sex, gender identification, religion, national origin, pregnancy, marital status, race or disability is in violation of federal discrimination laws outlined in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1967. Physicians who are victims of discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace have the right to report and bring suit against their employer without fear of retribution or retaliation. Likewise, a physician accused of discriminatory practice or sexual harassment of another can also face legal consequences that can negatively impact or end their career.

Employment discrimination comes in many forms and can include someone refusing to hire or interview a qualified candidate for an available position, failing to promote someone based on their race, religion, sex, gender identification, marital or pregnancy status, national origin or disability; or subjecting the victim to harassment or a hostile work environment because of their personal beliefs or affiliations. The penalties for physicians and medical employers found guilty of discriminatory practices are stern, including loss of license and staff privileges and hefty fines. For physicians and medical personnel who are victims of discrimination, there are numerous protections afforded to them under Title VII. These victims are also protected from an employer that seeks to retaliate against a victim for coming forward to report the situation.

Philadelphia Physician Employment Lawyers Defend Physicians Falsely Accused of Libel, Slander and Defamation

Physicians carry a tremendous responsibility to be model citizens and to lead by example in the communities in which they live and practice medicine. Their opinions are generally well respected and influential. Positive comments about an employer or practice can bring great respect and positively impact business, whereas libelous, slanderous or defamatory statements about a colleague, competitor or employer can be devastating to the professional career of a physician, or to the success of a medical practice.

Philadelphia physician employment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates understand how harmful it can be to a physician who is victimized by libel, slander or defamation. Their credibility and public standing in the community can be ruined, and their professional careers can be in question, even if the remarks are found to be untrue. In the same sense, physicians falsely accused of making libelous, slanderous or defamatory remarks can suffer serious consequences that can threaten the success or livelihood of their business.

Lawsuits brought against a physician, medical facility or practice can result in monetary fines and settlements that can seriously impact the financial health of the doctor or practice. Whether you are a physician accused of making harmful or false accusations about another practitioner, or you are the victim of false statements being made about you publicly, the experienced Philadelphia employment law firm of Sidney L. Gold & Associates can help you claim justice. Sidney L. Gold himself, founder and shareholder of the firm, will personally tend to your case to ensure your legal rights are protected and your claim has a successful outcome.

Philadelphia Physician Employment Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates Offer Physicians and Medical Personnel Experienced and Knowledgeable Service

If you are a physician or medical professional who has been falsely accused or victimized by discriminatory, libelous, slanderous or defamatory behavior, the experienced and knowledgeable Philadelphia physician employment lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates can help you claim justice. For over 35 years, Sidney L. Gold  has worked closely with medical professionals to protect and defend their legal rights. Call us at 215-569-1999 or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation today. With offices conveniently located in Philadelphia, we serve clients throughout the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

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