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Physician Job Search

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Philadelphia physician lawyers help with physician job search issues.Physician’s may find themselves in a job that does not provide the satisfaction they seek. When this happens, they start to search for employment elsewhere. The following tips can help physicians better locate the position that will provide them with everything they seek.

Know What You Want and Network Accordingly

Many physicians leave university and take the first employment offered. With little direct experience, they do not know exactly what they seek. This is natural but once a physician has been on the job for some time, they may find that the position in which they currently serve does not meet their needs.

It is helpful to consider everything that you want in a job. Think about the location, the level of work-life balance, clinical opportunities, workplace culture, benefits, pay, and more. Be as detailed as you like and put the list in writing. Creating a list will give your search direction and make it easier for you to network. Looking for a new job is stressful enough without trying to go it alone. As a physician, meeting with suppliers and reps may save you time in your search if they know what you seek. Also, be sure to relate your needs to a staffing agency. A good recruiting agent can help you locate the ideal position.

Paperwork, Planning, and Presenting

Prior to contacting a staffing agency, be sure to have all your paperwork up-to-date. By now you have experience. You have interned somewhere and worked under various department heads. Update your resume, curriculum vitae (CV), and references. On this latter note, be sure to provide only references you know will help. It is a good idea to phone them to request inclusion. The call not only shows professionalism, but will also give you a better idea if you want to include them as a reference.

After that, it is best to plan for the interviewing process. Think about how you will answer various questions, such as how you handled a difficult patient issue, how you lead your team, and what you can bring to the practice. Learn all you can about any employer you plan to apply with and be engaging and warm during the interview. Also, be prepared to ask some well-thought out questions because this demonstrates genuine interest in the company.

Philadelphia Physician Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. Help with Physician Issues

The Philadelphia physician lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. have been helping physicians for decades. Aside from helping physicians with the legal aspects of operating their own practice and advising them on restrictive covenants, we advise them in many aspects related to their profession. Located in Philadelphia, we serve clients from the surrounding areas, including Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County. For a free consultation today, contact us online or call us at 215-569-1999.

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