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Credential Registry

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Philadelphia health care lawyers counsel health care providers about credential Issues and recognizes a newly launched centralized data platform to help medical professionals.Credential Engine, a non-profit organization, has launched a centralized data platform that it hopes will help all medical professionals better understand what credentials are available. The platform, Credential Registry, gathers data from multiple sources, including degrees, certificates, badges, apprenticeships, licenses, micro credentials, and PhDs. The nonprofit debuted its platform at an event attended by higher education and business leaders.

The platform is a digital application where the public can search for information relating to different credentials, such as nursing certificates or medical licenses held by an individual. An Application Programming Interface (API) allows issuing institutions to continuously upload new credentials to the Registry as they are earned or newly generated.

Delivering Efficiency

Many professionals have expressed positive thoughts about the inception of a common credentialing language. Credential Engine’s program uses the Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL), which enables providers of higher education to track trends in the issuance of new and old credentials, assess issues relating to credit transfers, and assist students in identifying and acquiring the credentials they need. Without a platform in existence, it has been difficult for organizations and employers to compare credentials from various institutions that have different titles.

At the event where this platform was released, business leaders announced a commitment to promote Credential Engine’s services to its CEO members, who head some of the largest companies in the United States. Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to help recruit and hire the best employees, and this is being viewed as a tool that can help them make good selections. To date, more than 50 Business Roundtable executives have committed to using the Registry data to meet their employment needs. Credential Engine hopes that more will commit for the platform to gain greater traction.

Going Global

Credential Engine has pledged to work with vendors to develop innovative platforms and applications to make the data easily digestible and comparable for users. The company has indicated an intent to launch international outreach efforts to map the global credential landscape, but is currently restricted to comparing credentials issued in the United States.

In the medical field, there can be various types of certificates, and as the postsecondary education industry continues to offer new programs and credential courses, it can be confusing to medical employers to know exactly what these qualifications mean. Credential Engine aims to defeat these issues with its new program.

Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. Counsel Health Care Providers About Credential Issues

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