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Contracts for Dentists

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Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers: Contracts for Dentists

Federal and state laws have created a complex maze of legal requirements that place strict conditions and restrictions on employees in the health care field. Dental associates are among one of the many groups affected by these laws. At the onset of new employment, most dental associates are asked to sign a restrictive covenant, which can include a non-compete order and place restrictions on solicitation of patients and referral parties. These covenants can also restrict the employee from having access to confidential information such as patient lists and referral source lists for an extended period of time after employment has been terminated from a practice.

Most professionals view compensation and benefit packages as the most important aspect of an employment relationship with a provider. The same is not true for health and dental associates who are required to sign an associate contract at onset of employment. Their career path is based largely on the number of return patients they treat or referrals they generate. By limiting or excluding access to this information, these contracts can have severe financial consequences on an associate’s future. The contracts may include geographic restrictions on where a terminated associate can seek new employment amongst other debilitating clauses. Contracts must be fully read and understood by the employee as they can have long lasting effects on the career livelihood of an individual.

How a Health Care Lawyer Can Help

With offices conveniently serving Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. is here to help navigate the challenging complexities of dental associate contracts. One of our experienced Philadelphia health care lawyers can help draft, review, and negotiate complicated employment agreements such as restrictive covenants. Associate contracts can include compensation and benefit package information, buy-ins, retirement benefits, and disability benefits.

It is crucial for both employee and employer to understand all outlined provisions in these binding agreements.

Employees need to make sure they are not signing their life and potential future business away by agreeing to long term restrictions created by the practice owner. It is exceedingly difficult to change the agreement terms once they have been signed, so it is important to negotiate on the front-end to ensure the agreement is just for all involved parties. Our law offices will work tirelessly to make certain that all contractual agreements are in sound order to protect our clients from termination backlash.

Philadelphia Health Care Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. Advise Dentists and Other Health Care Professionals

Navigating the complex web of health care law can be exhausting, and it is easy to overlook small details that can have big consequences. If you are a physician or associate looking to sign on with a practice, speak with a Philadelphia health care lawyer at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. today at 215-569-1999 or contact us online. With over 35 years of experience, we are well equipped to help protect your best interests and future state of employment. Do not leave loopholes for interpretation with your career. Let one of our Philadelphia health care lawyers help ensure a fair and secure employment agreement for you today.

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