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Should I Hire a Lawyer to Review My Physician Contract?

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Philadelphia physician lawyers will skillfully review your employment contract. After making the extraordinary commitment to become a practicing physician, it is imperative to protect your interests and career with a sound physician contract. Not all contracts are alike. Enlisting a Philadelphia physician lawyer to review your employment contract puts you in the best position possible to begin your new career with peace of mind. The following are some things to consider when reviewing your physician contract:

Verbal versus Written Agreements

In the excitement of embarking on a new position, many physicians make the mistake of assuming verbal promises are enforceable. If you are told in an interview that you will receive annual costs of living increases, but that is not mentioned in your physician contract, then your employer is under no obligation to hold to that oral agreement. A lawyer will review all verbal promises and ensures they are reflected in your agreement, so you are getting the job you want on the exact terms you expect.

Non-Compete Covenants

Noncompetition clauses in the health care industry can be restrictive. If you should leave your position for any reason, it is important to know your right to practice in your community or for a competitor moving forward. Before signing your physician contract, consult with your lawyer to learn more about the non-compete laws in Pennsylvania and how they may impact future career options. Negotiate a noncompetition clause that makes sense for both you and your employer.

Compensation and Bonuses

For physicians, compensation is often based on several variables, including how many patients are seen, how many new patients the physician brings to the practice, and how profitable the practice is overall. Any employee should fully understand and agree to these terms before signing to ensure they earn what they deserve based on how they contribute to the growth of the business.


Sometimes a job is just not the right fit. Considering the possibility of leaving in the future is important, even before your first day. Physicians are often blind-sided to learn they can be fired at-will for a host of reasons, including illness, disability, accusations of fraudulent billing, or any action deemed to harm the practice. Physicians need to be especially proactive in negotiating fair and reasonable terms for termination on both sides.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

Your physician contract should not be trusted to just any attorney. Choosing one who focuses on health care law and physician employment matters in your state will ensure you receive the specialized legal guidance you need to make smart decisions about your career.

Philadelphia Physician Lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. Help Health Care Professionals with Employment Contracts

Whether you are considering a new physician contract or want to renegotiate the terms of an existing contract, trust the skilled Philadelphia physician lawyers at Sidney L. Gold & Associates, P.C. to protect your rights and interests as a practicing health care provider. Call us today at 215-569-1999 or complete an online inquiry form for a free consultation. Located in Philadelphia and Pennsauken, New Jersey, we represent clients throughout Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and South Jersey.

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